Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Hollywood's What Kids??

Now Life & Style for the unintiated (myself included up to about 3 days ago) appears to be a weekly publication in the celebrity, gossipy genre. Think People Magazine, only a whole lot crappier. I will let the enormity of that statement sink in for a moment. Ok, so we aren't talking about the Economist here.

So on to this week's cover story. Take a close look at the precious little celebrity offspring. I apologize for the thumbnail sized image, but Life & Style doesn't appear to have much of an on-line presence. Besides, all that you need to see for the purposes of this entry are abundantly visible right here in the itty bitty picture. If you missed it, yes they are all white. And with the exception of the wee Scientologist, all blonde. No Black Celebs in Hollywood??? To add even more befuddlement, in the table of contents inside the magazine, there photographs of a few more bundles of joy. Guess who is in that one? Little Shiloh you wonder? No silly, she's on the cover. Zahara, you think?? Ding Ding Ding. We have a winner. So front cover- Shiloh, inside page Zahara.

Hollywood, i think we have a problem.

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Aggie said...

This a a rag geared towards wp - do you really think the editors of L&S, who are probably all white, would ever consider doing an all "ethnic" front page. Before anyone has an aneurysm for me writing the above, how many times have rags had bp on the cover? WP far outweigh the covers.