Sunday, August 17, 2008

And away we go

Wow, so now i too blog. Gonna jump right in and fill in the blanks as i go. So last night was the "Civil Forum" at Rick Warren's House of Worship. There are so many distasteful precedent setting outcomes from this event it boggles the mind. But surprisingly, Rick Warren wasn't one of them. Back to Rick the Moderator in a moment....

That a mega, tele, white, evangelist seizes the first (and probably only) shot at getting Obama and McCain together on the same stage to talk about things is a telling commentary on these religious States of America.

As a nation, we are quite literally falling apart with bridges collapsing, buildings falling and schools crumbling around us, but at the Civil Forum we are treated to nationally critical questions like "What does being Christian mean to you?" Are we in Sunday School or at a critical juncture in the nation's history?

Fortunately Rick revved up a bit and got to meatier topics as the night progressed. And to give him some props, he wasn't half bad. It is a shocking admission i know, but just think if it has been some other crazy-ass mega, tele, white, evangelist presiding over the festivities. Hagee or Robertson? Whoa... Some seem to think Pastor Rick (as O kept calling im) is in the bag for him. I'm not quite sure how they conclude that, but seeing how O was in hostile territory in this arena, i guess the good Pastor was fair enough. Well..... except that he let McCain drone endlessly on about his POW experience (gee- you were a POW? i never knew..) and seemed to not notice that McCain turned this into an campaign appearance not much different from the unforgettable one in front of the cheese aisle of a forgetten grocery store.

Oh one last thing- was it just that none were invited to this event or does the Saddleback church have NO black congregants?

Just Wondering..

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