Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Rocky Mountain High

Michelle Obama brought down the house. Now honestly, there is no reason to think that she wouldn't. She is brilliant, witty, considerate, thoughtful and consistently impressive in every appearance she makes. So why the great resistance to what clearly is an American success story? Well i think we all know the answer to that one which leads me to the obvious next question. Will her speech last night do anything to reflect any of the absurd perceptions that have been disgracefully lobbed her way? It says here,

No. Not. a. chance.

There was only one reason why this idiocy proliferated to begin with. And guess what, she still is Black. So until this country can let go of their collective 1690 mentality and see Michelle Obama for what she so clearly is, we are going to be condemned to another few months of "whitey", "thesis at princeton" and those will be the polite comments. There are sure to be more vile-spirited caricatures, more like the ones that the New Yorker so lamely attempted to parody.

Her achievements stand on their own merits. I would really love to read a reasonable critique of exactly what she has done or said to alienate White Americans.

If the oratory of the remaining speakers at the convention are even 75% as good as Michelle Obama, we are finally going to have some good news come out of Camp Obama!

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